Racing Home

For those of you who follow my progress from time to time, I won’t be blogging this last week. I’ve made it back to the mainland and am now focused in getting to the final ferry at Yarmouth, NS which will take me to Portland, ME.

I will continue to keep the map updated as much a possible.

Until the end,


  1. Cory Giesbrecht says:

    Wow! And what an interesting jouney it has been. I, for one, have enjoyed your efforts in writting and the pictures to capture the vast beauty of our country. God speed as you wing your way back to Boston, ride safe these last miles and when you reach home, I hope there to await you will be rest.

    Cory & Jerome

    • jbquiring says:

      Thank you Cory. I was thinking of you and Jerome yesterday. In the middle of nowhere Nova Scotia trying to get from Truro to Windsor, I think I came across some of Jerome’s distant country cousins. I didn’t introduce myself so could tell if they had the blue markings but they had Jerome’s white feathers and profile.

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