90-91: Home! (Yarmouth – Somerville, MA)

Aug 7-8, 2014

The seventh and last ferry brought me back to the US and within a day of home. The ferry between Nova Scotia and Maine restarted this summer after the previous company went bankrupt. It is an important tourist link promising economic revitalization to an otherwise isolated region of southern Nova Scotia. Unfortunately, instead of bringing in hordes of US tourists, it’s primarily being used by Nova Scotians to get to the US to spend their money there. The company probably won’t last beyond this summer. I was thankful to be able to use it as it shortened my return considerably.

I made it home!
I made it home!

But of more interest is the fact that I made it home today. I was getting right giddy as the familiar names rolled by: Portland, Portsmouth, Newburyport, and before long Somerville, Davis Square, and then home! I can’t express how welcoming the streets looked, potholes and all. Home at long last. 9218km or 5727m and I’m back.

Exactly three months ago on May 8th I flew to Victoria, BC feeling somewhat ambivalent about what I was getting myself into. Heading out alone so far from home and the familiar with the few resources I could carry on my bike and worried about my right knee which had recently been bothering me, it all felt like a foolish mistake. My knee require careful attention, with a little ibuprofen on the side, the first month but slowly became accustomed to the work required. Taking it one day at a time, I soon learnt that I had everything I needed with me. In fact, I was carrying a variety of luxuries I could do without if required. Losing my phone proved that. It’s strange to think that what only required a day of flying took me three months to retrace. So if you’re trying to get rid of me, make sure I don’t have access to a bike or I will return…eventually.

I will probably post a few follow up, debriefing posts in the days to come. In the meantime, thank you all for your encouragements and help along the way. For all the time I was on the road by myself, I was never alone. Thank you!!!

Thank you everyone for the warm welcome home.
Thank you everyone for the warm welcome home.

Road Report:
Yarmouth – Portland, ME: ferry
Portland – Somerville, MA: 174km


  1. Roderic Delaney says:

    Congratulations. Your comments and photographs were amazing. Following you since meeting you in Fleurie’s Valu-Mart in Deep River was a true highlight of the summer. Best wishes.

    • jbquiring says:

      Thank you. It was very nice chatting with you. The many people I met along the way like yourself made the trip truly exciting.

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