Day 81: St John’s, St John’s! (Goobies – St John’s)

July 29, 2014

I have made it to St John’s…the high, holy city of St John’s at last! Well there’s nothing particular about the city that should make it the city to end the trip at but that it’s located on the far eastern edges of Canada. I didn’t make it to the habour tonight but to a hotel within the city limits. I’ll do the official at-the-Atlantic picture tomorrow. And go up Signal Hill, which is something that cross country tourers seem to do. Maybe drawn by the view?

Made it to the city limits of St John's
Made it to the city limits of St John’s

And what a doozy of a day it was. When I wrote yesterday that this land appeared to be doing everything that it could to prevent me from finishing, it redoubled the effort today. I had to break out the audiobooks just to maintain my mental balance. This place is really hilly and windy to put it mildly. Somewhat ironically, I choose to listen to The Great Gadsby. Now it may be my mind working at a feverish pitch to keep me from despairing over the endless hills, indefatigable winds, and oh so many miles but I started thinking about this trip and Gatsby’s love for Daisy. He plans for 5 years to get her back and then when he finally accomplishes the goal, the reality feels lackluster beside the vibrant imagined meeting. And what now?

I dreamt and planned for this trip a good long while. Reading blogs of other people’s tours, gazing at the pictures, and imagining myself on the same journey. It thrilled my heart to no end. Which is to say that much like Gatsby staring at the glow of that green lantern at the end of Daisy’s dock, I have looked longingly at the possibility. And just when it seemed I wouldn’t be able to find a free summer, I managed to contrive the opportunity. What a rich and exciting summer it has been but now the lantern is just another light in the night. All to say the book and near end of my journey had me thinking about how much richer a thing desired than possessed. But of course everything that comes also goes, leaving in its path the fecund ground for memory and nostalgia. Before I go over all funny about this trip, let me just say it’ll be another couple of weeks before I officially complete the tour on the doorstep at home in Boston. I’m counting the days.

More details to follow.

These delicate water lilies dotted the standing water beside the highway
These delicate water lilies dotted much of the standing water beside the highway

Road trip: 164 km
The shoulders continue to be excellent but the hills also keep coming. The traffic increases significantly the closer you get to the city.

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  1. Les Davies says:

    What great accomplishment you will all ways look back and say how great it was to make time to achieve a life time goal
    All The Best Les

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